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Aug. 17th, 2009 08:39 am
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I decided to try an installation of the Windows 7 beta because Vista is hinky about certain things.  There were problems with the Host process being stopped, I couldn't print to the networked printer, some flash video wasn't working (though we found out that was a WAP problem), the hard drive would grind away constantly, even though I wasn't doing anything drive-intensive, and I was having problems with sluggish performance.

The installation went fine, but I find that I'm at a loss for at least one of my frequent shortcuts: the desktop. (Minimizing all windows in one click.) If anyone knows how to get to this via Windows 7, lemme know. Also, how do you get to My Computer? If I want to browse to my external hard drive, do I have to use Internet Explorer and type in the drive letter? Maybe I just need someone to point out their favorite Windows 7-centric website?

I also need DVD authoring software. I assume that the installation came with Windows Movie Maker (haven't checked -- still trying to find my way around the Start Menu. Little known fact about me: I always revert the Start menu to the "classic" setting.), and that, in combination with the DVD authoring software are two of the most-used resident programs on my laptop.

re: the subject line, the beta test of Windows 7 comes with a background of a betta fish.

Completely unrelated... I"m surrounded by tiny ants this morning. I've killed about 50 since getting to work an hour ago.

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