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Birthdate:Jun 29
They say that women define themselves based on their relations to other people while men define themselves based on what they do. I tend to define myself by where I've lived. Not that I've lived in that many places -- but the places have been disparate. I spent my childhood in the midwest, living primarily in rural Iowa, but also in LaCrosse (WI) and Madison (WI). I spent my formative years (read: the years approaching, including, and immediately after college) in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC -- Bethesda, College Park, and Greenbelt. I'm spending my adult, married years in Tucson, Arizona; in the heart of the Sonoran desert.

I also define myself by where I've traveled (probably because I grew up in such a small community where no one traveled outside of the state). I've been to Quebec province in Canada, and Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I've driven across the entire country once, but I've taken extensive road trips in the southwest -- from Tonopah to the Salton Sea to the Very Large Array in New Mexico, I've been there. Places I still want to visit include New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.

Finally, I define myself by what I do: My profession is evaluation and I'm currently working in a school district working with student assessment data. My evaluation work has taken me to all corners of Arizona, working with four different Native American populations, as well as children and coalitions of community members. I specialize in evaluating youth and family prevention programs and developing data systems for evaluation purposes.

As to who I am: I am a loyal friend, a devoted wife, a fan of music, and someone who enjoys photography.

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